• The original retinoscopy measurement principle from Righton achieves an extremely fast REF / QUER automatic measurement.

    (REF: 125 ms / 7 times, WANT: 260 ms / 1 time) Measurement starts immediately after alignment.

    In addition to the continuous REF / QUER measurement, it also performs automatic and continuous measurements of the peripheral keratoperimeter. The distance of the pupil is detected automatically. Quisition AllTravels cálculo not cantidadesunctionalollary, but can also be configured to be carried out in a single operation, with the lever for a high speed measurement. Includes selective fogging method, in addition to normal fogging. With this method, more precise fogging is possible by selecting A2 using the measurement mode key. This type of fogging is useful for analyzing the eyes of patients with unstable eyes, etc.

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